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Meeanee Day 

The First semi-official event of 2004 was the Meeanee Day dinner.  Of course not a reenactment but a regimental tradition and this year quite the success with seven members in attendance as opposed to three or one from previous years.  I think changing the venue to a brewpub in an 18th Century building might have helped.  It was a good opportunity to meet with friends and to discuss the events for the coming year.  Meeanee day is February 17th.

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McConky’s Ferry

March saw the Regiment at what now looks like our annual garrison weekend at McConky’s Ferry (Washington’s Crossing State Historic Park in PA).  Attendance was a little better this year than last and the turn out by the public was just as good.  If you are like the Adjutant then you might be ready for a reenactment in March after having the winter off.  We worked on drill (especially changing the guard), interacted with the public and sharpened our impression.  Liz Naritil spent most of both days cooking,  both as a public demo and for dinner later on.  Eric Alsager showed up as well and added to the feast by cooking a turkey in our billet, which has a modern working kitchen.  Just like last year, we had three period buildings to use and were able to spend the night in one where we set up a Regimental dinner.  I can’t forget to mention our comrades in the Fourth Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, who join us for the fun at this exclusive event and who add their Loyalist point of view to the mix.    A personal high note was when we arrested a local gentleman skulking around our H.Q.  He was dressed in some very interesting garb and it turned out, through Colonel Braisted’s interrogation, that he was a Mr. Thomas Paine and was visiting his cousin.  We get along very well with the staff at the park, especially Michael Bertheaud and Michelle Matz, and are in the planning stages for another event, possibly a high authenticity weekend with a relief marching out to a Suave Guard at the Thompson Neeley House.  Stay tuned.   

Battle of Bound Brook

The next event was in April at the Battle of Bound Brook,  (Bound Brook, NJ).  The Adjutant was not able to attend this event but he understands that the return of the Regiment to Torpedoes in downtown Bound Brook was a success.  The veterans of the 22nd showed some of the newer units how to forage in style.  The ladies of the town cannot resist a red coat.

Battle of Stony Point

In July The Regiment took part in the Battle of Stony Point, (Stony Point, NY).  I am happy to report that in a hot action, in which the actual fortification was captured by the Rebels, the 22nd successfully defended Mr. Chowning’s Tavern from friend and foe alike.  This was an excellent event, which saw two new members take the shilling. An official welcome goes out to Private’s Lustenburger and Doddington.   It was hot and cramped but the 22nd had a great spot under a shade tree and Liz kept us all fed and happy. 

In the shade at Stony Point.

Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga was the September event and we chose this as our authenticity event this year.  Sergeant Krentler prepared rations and issued them early Saturday.  We cooked as one mess with our camp kettles in an open improvised kitchen.  No chairs or iron.  A little tough because the ground was pretty wet but we managed just as they did.  The Saturday morning tactical was fun as we got to sit and watch the Guards do an end around the Rebels and capture their cannon.  The scripted battle sadly had the Regiment suffer 90% casualties as we were thrown headlong in a frontal assault on massed artillery.  After the battle two recruits spoke with the men one of which, Jason Volekas, is already kitted out.  I can’t or don’t want to remember much of what happened Saturday night but we were happy to host many old and new friends around our fire, especially Sergeant Major Pete Condrick of the Guards.  If anything bad happened, Pete was the senior NCO present so please address all complaints to him. 

Unit members also participated in Under The Redcoat in Williamsburg VA in June and the Assault on Quebec in August. 

The October Tintle wedding saw our own Liz Naratil married to Chris Tintle of the 4th Battalion NJV.  Now how did that happen?  Several members attended in blazer and tie, as well as comrades from 4th Battalion NJV and other reenacting luminaries.  Remember Liz, “It ain’t easy being green.”

Liz and Chris

Pre reception gathering. Beer + Reenactor + Silly Hats = Fun.

Sorry for the lack of pics.  I will get them on the page as I receive them from the members. 

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