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Let's Call it Humor

March 8th and 9th Occupation of McConky's Ferry, Washington's Crossing Pennsylvania State Historic Park.

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Dear Friends and Members,

Well for anyone who missed the "kickoff event" at McConkeys Ferry (AKA Washingtons Crossing, Penn.) you missed a really good time. This was the first time in our 25+/- years of existence that we actually got to do what British Soldiers usually did on the Continent and Colonies that is Billet in houses on the populace! Remember Amendment III of the Bill of Rights? and if not.. look it up!

Our "digs" during the day were three fine stone houses one set up as a Guard Room and Office for the Officer of the Day, the other a kitchen house, the third being our billet where we had run of an entire 18th/19th C. House as a tavern and general "fun after-hours" place.

Special mention should be made of new recruits Andrew Doddington and Patrick Murphy who both turned out with us to work on kits, share in the camaraderie and generally share some good cheer with us.

The park received over 500 visitors each day and were absolutely THRILLED to have us there. Thanks to all who were able to come out and do this with us. It was an excellent Garrison/getting out the kinks weekend!

Where's Lackluster and Torkos?


Liz gets to cook inside and use a beehive oven.

Various shots from the Park.


It takes a real man to wear red fur on his hat!

225th Battle of Monmouth, Freehold NJ June 2003

The 22nd Marches in the heat at the 225th on Monmouth June 2003.

The Sergeant gets us in the shade while we trade some volleys with the Rebels.

Warm action in the cornfield Monmouth 2003.

225th Anniversary Battle of Rhode Island, Newport RI, August 2003

The 22nd prepares to march to the wreath laying for those men of the Regiment who fell 225 years ago

The men mourn arms while the Music plays Roslyn Castle.

The wreath provided by the Cheshire Regiment Association, Tranmere Branch, behind stacked arms.

Marching off to battle, Rhode Island 225th, September 2003.


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